How Vinyl Banners Can Play A Key Role In Advertising Your Yearly Event

Trying to make an annual event viable can feel like a full-time job even if it isn't the only thing on your plate. You need to organise all the different elements so that they come together in one cohesive system so that your day runs smoothly. However, none of that matters if no one shows up. Advertising your event is key and for annual events, you need to try and build that core group of people who look forward to your event and spread the word. A great way to do this is to advertise it through vinyl banners.

Why Vinyl Banners?

There are other materials out there that you can choose from but vinyl banners have a distinct advantage in several ways:

  1. Durability: for an annual event you want to be able to effectively use resources over a long period of time. Vinyl banners can be reused for many years and even if the date changes slightly you can simply give it a quick patchwork to update it.
  2. Strength: the vinyl that vinyl banners are made out of is very strong almost like a plastic material that does not give way under heavy winds or in scorching heats. They are built rugged and to stay taut for the long haul.
  3. Clarity: the most important thing about banners is that they are legible. Vinyl banners make the colours and your writing pop and they come in all shapes and sizes to match every situation.

Picking Your Spot

Once you have your banners you need to start thinking about where you need to advertise. First, you should take out a map and draw a 10km circumference around your event's location. This is where you should focus your efforts in because further away from this your odds of convincing people through banners drops. Look for major intersections and blank roadside space next to it. When you set up your vinyl banners you can also ask local businesses if you can attach it in front of their property or nearby. You will get a lot of no's but even a few yeses will make it worth it. You want the most amount of eyeballs on your banners for as long as possible so you need to be strategic and bold about it.

Knowing When To Put Them Up

Keeping your banners up year-round is a bit silly as eventually they become part of the white noise that people drive past every day and ignore. Generally about a month to two weeks out you should start to put up your banners. Further out than this and people just forget about it and won't look at their diary or electronic calendar. You want the vinyl banners to be fresh in peoples minds but not too close that they would have had other events planned. Two weeks to a month is the goldilocks period.