Custom Braille Sign Supplies for Your Yoga Studio

Starting a yoga studio may have you considering everything from mats to lighting. One aspect you may not be thinking of are braille signs. Many business owners do not consider the clients that are blind. If you know you will face this issue with clients, you will need to have the proper signage for their visits. Here are a few of the custom braille sign supplies to consider and what to know about each one.

Bathroom Signs

One of the main sign supplies you will need are bathroom signs. The bathrooms should always be clearly marked. However, in a yoga studio, this could be even more important. You may have to consider that your bathrooms need to have showers, spa areas, changing areas, and more depending on the type of studio you have. This means you need custom braille sign supplies that can notify your clients of all this information, and how to get there and use the services. 

Warning Signs

A yoga studio may have several warning signs that clients will need to be aware of. For example, you may offer services like hot yoga. These particular forms of yoga can have higher endurance requirements that may not be suitable for all clients. You will need to have a warning sign regarding this for the clients that may be sensitive or become injured during the yoga session. You will also need to put up braille warning signs for other issues, such as a warning for a private massage area where clients should not be disturbed. 

Storage and Locker Room Signs

Storage areas and locker rooms are vital to most yoga studios. You need a place to safely store mats and other yoga equipment. You also need a place for your clients to safely store their items while they are in a studio session. With this in mind, you will need to ensure you have the proper signage for the areas. By keeping custom braille supplies for these areas, you can ensure your clients will be notified and the signs posted accordingly. 

When you are ready to order your supplies, contact your local braille sign supplier and designer. They can help with supplies to keep on hand as well as with custom sign designs. If you have questions regarding how to handle the sign placement, many of the braille companies can help you as well. They can also give suggestions for other options you may not have thought of for your particular yoga studio.