The Benefits of Using Traffolyte Plastic for Switchboard Labels

If you need to produce informational and warning labels for switchboards, then you need to choose a material for the signage. Traffolyte plastic is commonly used for this purpose. What are its benefits?

Get Insulated Signs

Safety is an issue with switchboard signs. As well as ensuring that you have appropriate signs and labels on a switchboard, you need to use a material that can deal with this particular environment.

Switchboards are hubs for electrical systems. So, you need to take special care around them — this is one of the reasons you put signs on them in the first place. If something goes wrong, then there is a risk of electrical damage.

Some materials don't work well in this environment. For example, metal conducts electricity, so metal sign or labels might not be an appropriate or safe solution.

Plastics like traffolyte are a safer solution. They are naturally insulated and won't carry an electrical charge if you did experience a problem.

Get Signage That Lasts

You want your switchboard signs and labels to be strong and robust. You don't want to have to replace them more often than you need to. You also need them to be clear and readable at all times.

Some materials won't last that long. Depending on your environment, exposure to things like sunlight and materials like chemicals and acids can affect the surface of the sign and its engraving.

Traffolyte plastics are sturdy. Signs and labels typically contain three layers of plastic to give them extra strength and to stop them from wearing or bending. They won't fade quickly, even in direct sunlight, and they are resistant to many common environmental materials.

Get Clear Engraving

Some sign engravings fade over time. Some may lose their colour, for example. Wear can affect engraved messages in harder materials making them blurred and hard to read.

Switchboard signs and labels don't just contain information; they also include warning and hazard messages. These messages need to be obvious and easy to read.

The three-layered makeup of traffolyte plastic signs makes this easier to achieve. The engraving goes on the top layer.

Any lettering or symbols you engrave exposes the colour of the underlying layer. This gives you a more permanent engraving that won't fade or degrade as it uses the plastic layer itself to form the message.

To find out more about switchboard engraving and the best options for your needs, talk to sign companies.