Two Tips to Follow if You Want to Have an Engraved Sign Made

Here are some tips to follow if you want to have an engraved sign made for your property.  

Use a laser engraving service if you want the sign made quickly

If you need the sign quite urgently (for example, if the sign will display the name of your business at the front of your new premises), then you should get it made by a sign-making company that uses laser engraving equipment, rather than one which engraves its signs by hand. It's particularly important to do this if the text on the sign will be large or if there will be a lot of text.

The reason for this is that whilst a skilled person who manually engraves their signs could produce a sign for you that is just as legible and beautiful as one produced by a sign-maker who uses laser engraving machinery, the latter will be able to do this much faster. This is because when a person engraves a sign by hand, they have to do it very slowly to ensure that they strike the correct parts of the sign's surface and that the letters are perfectly uniform.

A laser engraving machine can achieve this result without having to move slowly. Because it is run by a computer and there is, therefore, almost no possibility of it making an error like a human could, this machine can rapidly carve out letters on a sign's surface. As such, whilst this process could take weeks for a sign-maker to do by hand, it could be done in an hour or two by someone who has access to laser engraving equipment.

Invest in the maintenance products you'll need to keep the sign in good condition

After receiving your laser-engraved sign, you should ensure that you have the maintenance products you'll need to keep it in good condition. Whilst some of the products you'll need will depend on what the sign material is made of (for example, if it's made of brass, you'll need a brass polish, whilst if it's made of stainless steel, you'll need a cleaning product that's suitable for stainless-steel surfaces), there are some items you will definitely need, no matter what the engraved sign is made of.

For example, you should stock up on lots of cotton buds and some plastic toothbrushes. You can use both of these dry, or dampened with water or cleaning fluids, to remove any grease or dirt from the engraved crevices. Washing and polishing the sign's main surface will keep it looking good whilst using the toothbrushes and cotton buds to clean the engraved parts of it will ensure that it stays legible.