Perfecting Your Approach to Sign Writing

As any business owner knows, having the right signage makes a big difference. One area where it's easy to make mistakes is in writing. Everything from the type of font you choose to the information you include is important. Spending a bit of time on the writing now can make a huge difference to how customers perceive your sign.

Brand Consistency   

Signs are about much more than getting people through the door. Brand consistency is important too. If you already have a brand image, look at the types of writing, colours, and pictures you use. Replicate them on your signs so that customers know they're associated with your business. For new customers, consistent branding makes it easier for them to find your business. Consistent brand recognition also instills a sense of trust, which you need if you want to build a customer base.

Condense Everything

Consider what your customers are doing when they pass your signs. Whether they're driving, walking, or sitting on public transport, they'll only glance at it for a few seconds before deciding whether they want to take action. Because of this, you need to consider what impression you want to give and the action you want to take. For example, if you want them to come to your store to purchase a product, identify the product and tell them where the store is. Or, if you want them to book a service, make those details clear. Avoiding information overload is crucial when you want your sign to be effective.

Positive Images

Even if your business isn't in a particularly positive field, you should avoid images that convey negativity. Positive imagery is more likely to engage customers. It helps build a sense of trust, and it lets them know that you're the person who can solve their problems. When choosing images or logos for your sign, try to remain as positive as possible. At the same time, don't skew the message you're trying to give. Your images should remain relevant too.

Choose Fonts Carefully

Some fonts look beautifully elaborate. However, as the people looking at your sign may not have much time to digest its message, avoid anything too fancy. Focus on simple fonts that look professional. They're easier for people to take in. Don't rush this process, though. Experiment with a few different fonts until you find one you love.

Finally, always proof your sign before ordering it. Getting it right the first time can help you avoid expensive mistakes and boost your sales.

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